Establishing Trust

Establishing trust is Ranch and Rural Financial Resources’ number one goal. Not only do we strive to have a relationship where our clients trust us to do what we feel is in their best interest but also we trust our clients to allow us to do what we feel is in their best interest and that relationship is based on constant communication. Unless trust works both ways, there is little chance for the relationship to thrive and prosper.

For over 30 years, our philosophy of investment planning and money management has focused on proper management of portfolio risk rather than attempting aggressive rates of return that give an illusion of market success while little or no wealth is actually being created. For every dollar that is lost in a portfolio, there must be a gain of one dollar and twenty cents just to break even and that’s not a game that we want our clients to play. Success is not measured by performance relative to other advisers but rather by clients success’ in meeting their goals.

We also use our 30+ years of insurance expertise to understand the insurance needs of brokers,ranchers and farmers which includes life insurance and disability insurance planning to protect from potential financial disasters.

Ranch and Rural Financial Resources strongly believes that it’s not just important to accumulate wealth through hard work but also to preserve as much of your wealth as is possible for your heirs. That’s why we believe in the importance of estate planning. In simple terms, estate planning is the process of providing instructions as to who will receive assets, what they will receive and when they will receive them when you die. Ranch and farm owners quite often tend to be “land rich and cash poor” and therefore have different obstacles to overcome when developing a proper estate plan. Ranch and Rural Financial Resources are neither attorneys or CPA s and therefore we do not give legal or tax advice. However because of our 30+ years working with successful individuals, we know the sound ways to pay the estate tax liability when all appropriate legal and tax opportunities have been exhausted.

Nobel Prize winning scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said, “Discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one has thought”. Welcome to Ranch and Rural Financial Resources. Let’s win together.

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